[Resolved] Windows Update Error Due to Possible Infection

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Re: [In Progress] Windows Update Error Due to Possible Infection
« Reply #15 on: April 13, 2009, 11:49:48 AM »
Ultimately that is your call. I am willing to keep trying to find the fix if you are.  I suggest that you download copies of all your security software first, and burn them to a CD or DVD, then after you reinstall Vista, install all your software and security software, and then run updates of them all. Then create an image of your harddrive so that if this ever happens again, and you need to trash your harddrive, you will have everything to this point. After the image, then move all your personal files back to the harddrive.

If you are going to reinstall Vista, and not just the image the manufacturer provided, may I suggest running fdisk and creating two partitions on your harddrive. The first is for windows and all the software, and the second all your data.  Then after you install your software, you will need to go into each program and reset the default locations to the second partition. This will make backing up your Data much easier in the future. All programs I have seen will allow you to change the default location for the data files it is looking for.

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