AVG ‘transparent’ about making money by selling browsing and search history

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A recent change in the privacy policy of security firm AVG has raised many eyebrows. A particular point in AVG’s privacy policy, which is titled as ‘Why do you collect my data?’ clearly mentions that the antivirus and Internet security software company is collecting the data ‘to make money’. Now, the question is, whether the company is selling users’ browsing and search history to advertisers to make money.


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Re: AVG ‘transparent’ about making money by selling ...
« Reply #1 on: September 21, 2015, 02:48:55 AM »
This article irked me so much, I searched way back for the reasons I abandoned AVG many years ago:

1) Rude forum moderators:

2) Breaks systems:

3) Territoriality - Dictating that other security programs (not AVs) be uninstalled:

4) System wrecking:

5) Nasty bundled Toolbars:
"On the subject of toolbars, aside from its browser add-on/extension for “Link Protection”, AVG Free comes bundled with AVG Secure Search Security Toolbar. AVG Secure Search Security Toolbar is essentially bloatware and is very hard to uninstall once you get it on your computer; in fact, in my experience, the toolbar behaves like malware." (This from dotTech, in 2014).

AVG (free or paid) has been generally as competent as most of its competitors in blocking malware, if av-comparatives and AV-Test results are to be believed. It is not in my nature to trash security programs. AVG is a major player I once used and recommended. So I post this FYI only.

I guess it boils down to the importance one places on privacy.