Drive-by ransomware attack demands $120

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Drive-by ransomware attack demands $120
« on: November 26, 2010, 07:03:41 AM »
Malicious hackers are spreading ransomware, which encrypts [the user's personal files, such as] media and Office files on [the] victim's computers, in an attempt to extort $120. In a nutshell - you can't access your files because the malicious code has encrypted them... and the hackers want you to pay the ransom if you want your valuable data back....

The attack, which Sophos detects as Troj/Ransom-U, [also] changes your Windows desktop wallpaper to deliver the first part of the ransom message.

[It] appears to have hit computer users via a drive-by vulnerability on compromised websites....

Users have reported to us that they have received the attack via a malicious PDF which downloads and installs the ransomware. Sophos detects the PDF as Troj/PDFJS-ML.

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