Fake LastPass extension exposes users to ads and installs

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When it comes to passwords, one piece of advice we give our readers is to use password managers / vaults to help them maintain, keep track of, and store away account logins that are impossible to recall by memory on a daily basis – for example, Dashline, Keychain, 1Password, and LastPass.

We also advise our readers to download directly from the official websites of these password managers or from highly trusted third-party app markets, such as Google Play, the App Store, and the Chrome Web Store. But even legitimate sites can harbour fake apps, and we’ve seen this happen time and time again. As such, extra care is needed more than ever in weeding out the real ones from the knock-offs. This post is to remind our readers to keep a sharp eye on apps that claim to be the real thing but are actually rogue versions of those they’re imitating.

Recently, we spotted one such app claiming to be LastPass on the Chrome Web Store:


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