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Title: FBI warns of choreographed ATM drainage
Post by: Bugbatter on August 15, 2018, 07:04:50 AM
The FBI has alerted banks that in the coming days cybercrooks are planning to spring a highly choreographed, multinational “ATM cashout” that could drain their cash machines of millions within the span of hours.
In an ATM cashout, cybercrooks hack a bank or payment card processor, lift fraud controls such as withdrawal limits and/or account balances and/or number of daily withdrawals, outfit so-called “casher crews” with cloned cards, and send them out to simultaneously descend on cash machines and strip them of money before the banks sound the alarm and slam down the window of opportunity.
Cybercrime journalist Brian Krebs on Sunday reported that the FBI alert to banks indicated that the plot could be triggered any day now.