From Sunbelt: The Internet: nobody goes there ...

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From Sunbelt: The Internet: nobody goes there ...
« on: November 11, 2009, 02:20:25 PM »

Palo Alto Networks of Sunnyvale, Calif., issued its Fall, 2009, Application Usage and Risk Report (“An Analysis of End User Application Trends in the Enterprise”), analyzing traffic patterns on more than 200 worldwide networks. The Palo Alto researchers document massive growth in social networking and collaborative applications for business since their last report in April.

The use of blogs and wikis increased 39 times with total bandwidth use for those two activities increasing 48 times.

The report said there was a 192 percent increased in Facebook use. Facebook Chat, which began in April 2008, was the fourth most commonly detected IM application. It beat out AIM, IM and Yahoo!

The use of SharePoint, especially SharePoint documents, increased 17 times since April.

Palo Alto found a 252 percent increase in Twitter sessions since its spring Risk Report.

Link to the report can be found at Sunbelt's Blog.

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