Google: Consumers Not Entitled to ‘Windfall’ Compensation In WiFi Snooping Law

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Remember the brouhaha over Google's Street View cars collecting personally identifiable information (including emails and Internet browsing activity) from WiFi networks that weren't password-protected? The U.S. government intervened (the Federal Communications Commission even fined the search giant $25,000 in 2012 for refusing to cooperate with the investigation).

But did you know that Google also ended up in a class-action lawsuit?

Now the company's attorneys allege that consumers who do sue Google for eavesdropping over open WiFi networks are not "entitled to a windfall." Google wrote in brand-new court filings in San Francisco that "plaintiffs configured their WiFi networks to be open and to broadcast data at least as far as the public street."


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I hate to say it, I agree with Google on this one. The airwaves are public. If you try to use a piece of it and do not secure the signal, its your won fault. Routers come with instructions.

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