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« on: February 22, 2009, 08:16:17 AM »
Many of the members here who came from Castlecops know there has been a close relationship between CC and now SWH and the antispam forums. The IBR forums began as the KS (Kill Spammers) forums at until the host got tired of the retaliatory DDoS attacks. Castlecops was our public forum during the year and a half that KS was at a secret location. So these two forums have a lot of members in common, though members active at one may only be occasional visitors to the other.

Now that it's public again, we've achieved much success. We've already been attacked only a month after going public. And we're tightening a few security holes.

One is that all passwords will need to be complex and will need to be changed. If you have previously registered at any time in the past, please log in and choose a new password by March 1.

In addition, if you registered to reserve your username but haven't posted, or if you only posted once in the past, please just post something in the new member thread so your username doesn't get culled.