Kneber botnet virus attacks 75,000 computers worldwide

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Re: Kneber botnet virus attacks 75,000 computers worldwide
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And the saga continues.....

ZeuS: ‘A Virus Known as Botnet’

Brian Krebs, February 19th, 2010

As a journalist who for almost ten years has sought to explain complex computer security topics to a broad audience,  it’s sometimes difficult to be picky when major news publications over-hype an important security story or screw up tiny details: For one thing, Internet security so seldom receives more than surface treatment in the media that the increased attention to the issue often seems to excuse the breathlessness with which news organizations cover what may seem like breaking, exclusive stories.

The trouble with that line of thinking is that an over-hyped story tends to lack important context that helps frame the piece in ways that make it more relevant, timely, and actionable, as opposed to just sensational.

I say this because several major media outlets, including The Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal, on Thursday ran somewhat uncritical stories about a discovery by NetWitness, a security firm in Northern Virginia that has spent some time detailing the breadth of infections by a single botnet made up of PCs infected with ZeuS, a password stealing Trojan that lets criminals control the systems from afar. NetWitness found that this particular variant of the botnet, which it dubbed “Kneber,” had invaded more than 2,500 corporations and 75,000 computers worldwide.

The Post’s headline: More than 75,000 Computer Systems Hacked in one of the Largest Cyber Attacks, Security Firm Says.

From the WSJ: Broad New Hacking Attack Detected: Global Offensive Snagged Corporate, Personal Data at Nearly 2,500 Companies: Operation is Still Running.

Yahoo!’s coverage tells us, Scary Global Hacking Offensive Finally Outed.


Kneber Update

Tim Belcher and Alex Cox, February 19, 2010

There was a significant amount of coverage yesterday on research performed by NetWitness into a large set of stolen information recovered from a ZeuS botnet.  Some of the information, analysis, and commentary was very beneficial to the broader discussion of threats such as these.  There is, however, some information that we feel we should address.

•Kneber is a pseudonym for ZeuS:

Kneber is not a pseudonym for ZeuS. Kneber refers to one group of organized criminals, one group of Command and Control Systems, and 74,000+ infected victim systems for this particular ZeuS (primarily) botnet.   ZeuS is a tool, used by many groups to create command and control systems, and steal information.  There are hundreds of active ZeuS botnets, many of which are larger than this one. It is but one of many tools used in this particular botnet.  We have seen INTENTIONAL cross pollination of various trojans, including waledec, grum, and even tools such as packet sniffers.  When we discuss threat, we are referring to more than the tool used, but the organization behind them.

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