“New Koobface Variant” Targets Skype

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“New Koobface Variant” Targets Skype
« on: November 26, 2009, 01:34:13 PM »
The activities of the infamous Koobface botnet have been a frequent topic of discussion here at the Malware Blog. Some security analysts recently commented that the botnet has added a new tool to its arsenal as a new alleged “Koobface variant” has been targeting the VoIP application, Skype.

The supposed “Koobface variant,” detected by Trend Micro as TROJ_VILSEL.EA, steals a user’s contact list, phone numbers, location, and other information that may be part of the user’s Skype profile aside from the user’s login credentials. It is also capable of using Skype’s built-in instant messaging capability to send links to people on the affected user’s contact list. These links all go to affected domains with copies of TROJ_VILSEL.EA.

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