Scareware: It’s back, and now it’s even scarier

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Scareware: It’s back, and now it’s even scarier
« on: August 21, 2014, 12:59:22 PM »
via Aryeh Goretsky at Eset

Scareware’ – fake antivirus programs which attempt to fool the user into downloading malware, by warning him or her of a “threat” on their PC – is back, with a new, even more annoying trick.

V3 reports that the new strain of scareware reverses a “dropping trend” in fake AV with a new way of making money – blocking the user from using the internet until they pay for the ‘product’.

Threatpost says, “Rogue antivirus was once the scourge of the Internet, and while this sort of malware is not entirely extinct, it’s fallen out of favor among criminals as users have become more aware and security products have gotten better at blocking the threat.”


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