Security Intelligence Report: Discover the top cybersecurity threats by country

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Security professionals know there’s no silver bullet to achieve perfect security—the volume and magnitude of cyber threats vary considerably depending on country and threat type. For example, during the second half of 2015 (2H15), encounter rates for some types of threats in Russia and Brazil were nearly three times the worldwide average. Of the ten most commonly encountered threat families in Russia in 2H15, five were trojans, including Win32/Peals, Win32/Skeeyah, Win32/Dynamer, and Win32/Spursint. And in Brazil, Suptab and the downloader/dropper families Win32/Sventore and Win32/Banload topped the threat list.

To help track the constantly shifting security terrain and meet demand for insights, twice each year Microsoft publishes the Security Intelligence Report (SIR), a comprehensive security analysis based on data we collect from around the world. The latest findings were published in May.

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