Still Using XP?

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Still Using XP?
« on: June 28, 2017, 11:24:42 AM »
UK's Metropolitan Police Still Using 10,000 Windows XP Computers

Legacy Windows XP systems used by public authorities in the UK remains a concern. The WannaCry outbreak last month followed by the current 'NotPetya' outbreak -- both using a vulnerability patched in newer versions of Windows, but initially unpatched in XP -- highlights the problem...

"... none of this means that organizations can relax their efforts to upgrade XP systems. "Nonetheless," concluded Harley, "the risk of attack by malware that makes use of vulnerabilities in unpatched machines (such as the new Petya variant that apparently makes use of EternalBlue) is quite significant enough to make it unwise to rely on systems that are no longer normally updated, even if the agencies concerned are taking advantage of rare events like Microsoft's XP patch in May... After all, dangers to their data, systems and internal processes don't only affect their 'business' but all of us."

The bottom line is that 10,000 XP systems still in use by the Metropolitan Police Service is really 10,000 too many..."

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