Two German Hackers Detained for Stealing Internet Banking Information

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Two German men were arrested for allegedly hacking internet banking information from a teacher, causing her the loss of Bt700,000 (about US$21,000).

Pol Col Supisan Pakdinaruenart, acting commander of the Crime Suppression Division told a news conference that the police arrested Dominik Iacono, 22, and Dave Ackermann, 23, at a house in the resort town of Pattaya after they hacked information from internet banking transactions of  Col Khatthiyaporn Kamart, a lecturer at Chulachomklao Royal Military Academy.

The duo used a Trojan computer virus to steal information from the victim and transferred money from her Bangkok Bank account to an account of a Thai man they hired. They were traced by police and were arrested after they withdrew funds from an ATM in Chonburi.

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