Please Read This Before Downloading Software

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Please Read This Before Downloading Software
« on: March 03, 2016, 01:18:59 PM »
A word of caution before downloading any software:

Some of the download links that are provided here, may contain applications that are bundled with them. Not all bundled software is bad, but in many cases it includes Potentially Unwanted Programs.  Any program offered in bundled downloads should offer the option to decline. However, the vendors could change the "offered" software frequently. Therefore, it is highly recommended to stay alert during the installation of all downloaded programs. If possible opt out or UNcheck anything that you do not want. A good practice would be to install Unchecky. This application will alert the user if an installation is pre-checked by default.

 If you find that any of the software listed at SpywareHammer, also bundles with it some other software  that has no option to decline, please feel free to send one of the SpywareHammer Administrators or Moderators a private message with detailed information so we can investigate the possibility of removing the item from our listing.
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