More Security Is Not Always Better

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More Security Is Not Always Better
« on: December 06, 2009, 11:42:58 PM »
Quite often our staff research findings indicate that a user will have more than one security application installed...which can either be a good or bad thing. Many users have found a security application they are pleased with, then one day begin having issues of one sort or another.

If the security application they have installed had failed to make a difference in one particular situation, the thought might be to install another one...and sometimes, if that one fails, then they install yet another one and so on it goes.

To have multiple security programs installed is prudent, providing they are of the right type and no more than one of each type running in a "real time" protection mode.

Often a user will learn that if one is good, then "more is better"...and quite frankly, that's just not so. The very problem they may have been experiencing which brought about their notion to install all of these security products is now compounded by a complaint of "Slow Performance" which undoubtedly is due to the multiple security products wrestling with each other.

Our goal here is to dispell the notion that "more is better"...and to instruct the user as to what exactly is recommended. You are encouraged to find your own comfort level, but what follows below is recommended for each home user to have installed "On Board" and running in "real time" protection mode.

First, one should understand the differences between "types" of security applications to better understand why some might conflict with others.

Security Application Types:
  • Antivirus
  • Antispyware/adware
  • AntiTrojan
  • Firewall

...all of the "Security Applications" listed above are recommended to have running real time protection on board, but users get into trouble when they run two or more of one type or another.

Keep in mind these rules of thumb...
  • Antivirus interferes with Antivirus
  • Antispyware interferes with Antispyware
  • AntiTrojan interferes with AntiTrojan
  • One firewall will interfere with another firewall

Ideally for each type of security application listed above, yours should have a "real time" protection component.

Running each in real time is not the problem...since each one listed is of a different type. Running two of the same type is where the problem lies. This can actually reduce your level of protection and cause severe system slow down and instability, ultimately causing a complete system crash and possible loss of data.

Each home user should have running real time protection, on board, all of these:
  • Anti-virus (Just one)
  • Anti-Spyware/Adware <--quite often, one application does scan for both of these (Remember, just one of these programs running real time protection)
  • Anti-Trojan (Only one of these too)
  • Third Party Firewall (...and lasty, just one of these)

Please forgive the seemingly redundant nature of the details spelled out above, but repetition is an easy to use learning tool, so this has been by design and for the benefit of all the forum visitors to understand without doubt, exactly what is good and recommended, and how they can get themselves in a jam using the various types of security applications mentioned above.

We felt the need to explain this with as much clarity as possible since this particular problem is so very common especially among most of the novice users. If you have any questions regarding security software, please post them in this forum. Thanks!

Article by 1972vet
Links to tried and trusted (free) software in each category can be found here - Free Security Software Links
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Re: More Security Is Not Always Better
« Reply #1 on: December 09, 2009, 03:10:43 AM »
That was very well said, Thank you! :)
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