Child Safety: Video Tutorial on using OpenDNS with a Router to block content

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There are many Internet dangers that children face while using the Internet every day. was created by  Kista Sweden for her Bachelor Thesis at the Stockholm University, (DSV) Department of Computer and Systems Sciences. 

-Here is a good Video Tutorial for using OpenDNS with a Router to block certain content.

Video Tutorial on how to secure internet by using a free online service and a router.

Kista Sweden, 2010,

This is a video tutorial that shows easy steps on how to secure internet. The video show how computers in a home network can be secured all at once just using a router and the free internet service.

The detailed step-by-step information presented in the tutorial allows anyone to secure internet. The implementation of the tutorial does not acquire advanced IT knowledge and its suitable for beginners. The levels of security can be customized up to the need of everyone since the solution presented in the tutorial allows different options of content filtering.
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