Any thoughts about Yoggie Gatekeeper Card Pro ?

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Any thoughts about Yoggie Gatekeeper Card Pro ?
« on: January 26, 2010, 03:20:00 AM »
At this time I am thinking about reformatting my laptop HD and do a fresh re-install of everything. The objective is to eliminate all viruses, malwares, etc... Since I dont know what to do to remove these manually, I think it is the best option although time consuming and boring. After the re-install from CDs I am planning to use a Yoggie Gatekeeper Card Pro which I have already ordered but the thing is that I have yet to see comparative performance tests vs the most commonly known software solution... First of all why are there no such comparative tests ? Has anyone done some tests ? I'd be happy to know if anyone has any experience with Yoggie Gatekeeper Card Pro and if I should rely on this single solution to protect my PC or should I renew my subscription of McAfee Total Protection Service which obviously was neutralised a few times by viruses or hackers...  ???