How to by-pass administrator password/restraints on Vista Home Premium

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Offline lacene

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Hello, this site appears to be inactive these days, but I'll try my question here anyways.

I have a Dell Inspiron 1420 laptop that runs Vista Home Premium. I am in the works of upgrading the OS to Windows 7. I have an administrator user account with password. I have not forgotten my password.

When I try to run an executable file for a program, the User Account Control (UAC) pops up asking me to type in my password as administrator, or run the program as a new user. The new user option does not do anything, and when I type in my password, I get an unknown login/password message. I try this as both "Administrator", and as my name which is set as the name for the Administrator, as the laptop is mine. Either option does not work.

The only options I've found on the net involve starting the PC up in safe mode, leaving the password option blank, and logging on from there. But I have a password already set, so when I do this, I get a red "X" saying "Username or Password is incorrect". The user name is my name, but of course I didn't type in my password.

How do I go about this, to get a program installed?