Membership Policies

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Membership Policies
« on: May 28, 2011, 10:19:26 AM »
Here are some membership policies you should be aware of.

1.  Registration.  Every membership registration is reviewed by an Administrator or Global Moderator before being approved.  Once the registration is approved, you will receive an activation email containing an activation link.  You must visit that link, which is on our site here, to activate your membership.  Once you visit the link, you will shortly receive a confirming email that your membership is active.  Simply visit our main page, and log in and your membership is active.

2.  Unactivated Memberships. We do not permit unactivated memberships to remain active for more than 7 days after registration.  5 days after registration, unactivated membership registrations will receive a reminder notice.  At that point, you must activate your account within 48 hours or your registration will be deleted.  Once your registration is deleted you must start the registration process once again.

3.  Spammers and Spamming. We do not permit any form of spam or advertising, including personal site advertising, without explicit written permission from an Administrator.  Spammers will be immediately and permanently banned from Spyware Hammer.  Spamming in any form is strictly prohibited.  This includes all forms of comment and signature type spam.  If you are a spammer, we will catch you, and you will be reported to all appropriate spammer data bases.  Your spam will be deleted without warning, so spamming here is a pure waste of your time, and will cause you to be banned at thousands of forums around the world.  Registrations from known spammers will not be approved and cannot be activated.  If you want to spam, go somewhere else, you are not welcome here, and there will be consequences if you attempt to spam here.
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