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Linux Browser
« on: March 11, 2015, 05:37:26 PM »
In the screen capture of the "start" screen in Linux Tutorial: 3. Testing Your System With Linux Live Firefox is shown in the task bar.  Is it included with that distro?  I gather bookmarks, etc. can be imported just as with a Windows OS.

Since I've switched from Firefox to Pale Moon as my primary browser, I have made note of the Linux build of Pale Moon, listed on the Pale Moon Contributed builds page.  There is also a dedicated Pale Moon for Linux forum. 

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Re: Linux Browser
« Reply #1 on: March 11, 2015, 10:04:21 PM »
Yes, Firefox is included in the Linux Mint distro by default.  I do use Pale Moon myself, in lieu or Firefox.  I leave both available in Linux Mint, but use Pale Moon almost exclusively.  You can install Pale Moon in Linux Mint, and I use the contributed build version.  You can easily move everything in Firefox over to Pale Moon, or move all of Pale Moon, from Windows.  This is getting ahead of the Tutorials for the moment, and will be part of a later one, nonetheless, I can cover this now briefly.  Essentially moving Firefox or Pale Moon Windows settings, bookmarks, etc., uses a simple copy rather than requiring any importing.

In Linux, Firefox stores all of the profile information in /home/{username}/.mozilla/ and Pale Moon in /home/{username}/.moonchild productions/.  Open either or both depending on which one(s) you plan to use.  Then close them to create new Linux Mint profiles.  Using Nemo, browse to your Windows Firefox or Pale Moon profile, and open it.  Copy the entire profile contents, browse to the new Linux Mint profile, and paste the copied files to either the new Firefox or Pale Moon profile.  You can copy the Firefox files to the Pale Moon profile or the opposite as well.  There will be warnings of duplicate files, and in every case, choose to copy over the current file in either the Mozilla or Pale Moon over the Linux Mint profile files.  Then open Firefox or Pale Moon, and you may get some error messages about one or more of the add-ons.  In some cases, reinstalling the add-ons will work, in others you need to visit the Pale Moon add-ons site and get Pale Moon specific versions, or the Mozilla add-ons site to get their version.  There are a few, fairly minor add-ons which will not cross over.

BTW, the same method works for Thunderbird as well.

Now, to do this easily, you need to set up Nemo, using the Nemo Preferences, to have dual panels, and to show hidden files.  Linux hides files by simply adding a "." before either the file or folder name.  I will go into more details on Nemo preferences in a later tutorial, but setting either the dual panel,  or show hidden files, options is be easily found in the Preferences.  If you have problems finding either, post back and I will post some screen shots to make it easier to find.
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