Divorced, Yet forever Wed to his Network??

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Divorced, Yet forever Wed to his Network??
« on: October 18, 2009, 07:35:14 PM »
Last summer, I broke up with someone who I lived with for 13 years, after I learned that he was secretly plotting against me for years.  I paid the lion's share of the bills while he used the extra cash to wine & dine some woman at work.  He is a certified Network Administrator, and runs the classified network at a government agency. I paid for AOL for over 10 years, even though I didn't want it, just because he said it would be a hassle to move his stuff.  When I logged on to his user account, I got instant messages from single girls looking for fun, and I read his on-line profile marketing himself as a single guy, among other insults.

He had purchased a Dell PC almost 10 years ago because we outgrew the computer that he built.  Although he had personal stuff on the computer, I considered it to be a "family computer" since I also used it, mainly for work, it was placed in our office, and he routinely bought things that we needed for the house, or made home repairs since he knew that he was not paying his fair share of the bills.  After he moved out, and I took a good look at the computer, I was horrified at all of the things he had done to me, and I decided to keep the computer and a TV. since the $2,000 or so that these items cost could never make up for 13 years of room and board, groceries, and even maid services that I paid for !! (I also supported him while he was unemployed.)

Last Sept. he called me because he wanted his data from the computer.  When I found out that he was continuing to steal and lie, I refused to lift one finger for him and told him to stay away or I would call the police.

I had been rather lax about network security, but when you live with a Network Administrator for so long, you tend to become reliant.  When I switched to Verizon Fios, I could never get the wireless router to work with MacAfee.  So while my files and my PCs were protected, my wireless network was not encrypted.  To make matters worse, my ex had the admin password for the desktop and knew all the system info as well.  Unbeknownst to me, in early Sept. he remoted into the desktop and used VNC to create a single threaded server named after me.  He was using Microsoft Works to build his database while fishing for data on my computer, and he even changed registry keys, bios settings, and put a whole host of new hardware and software on my computer.  Also, when Verizon set up my wireless network, the tech left a WordPad document on my desktop that listed the SSID and the WEP key for the wireless network!  My ex copied this document, and saved it to “his side” of the desktop. By the end of Sept. things were getting worse.  After I decided to simply unplug the desktop and the router, my illustrious ex decided it would be a good idea to remote into my laptop!  The laptop computer was something he bought me as a X-mas gift and it never had any of his information or documents on it!! I broke down and paid a computer company over $600 to fix the problem. (They did not even know how to reset the router.)

I hired a second company to fix the problem, and they seemed to be a bit more tech savvy.  They did a total wipe and reinstalled OEM software only, reset the router, and set up a new wireless network.  However, I am fairly certain that my ex is back since I had new programs running on my computer, and noticed that he is now using ASP.NET to build his database.  It just so happened that I had an ASP.net user account that kept on popping up from time to time on both the desktop and the laptop.  I deleted the account, but saved the properties which showed that it was a remote user account with certain attributes selected.  I explained it to the tech guy, and he found rational explanations for all of these occurrences, and assured me that there was no way  my ex could have hacked into the wireless network.  I even showed the tech guy a log with the time, SSID, MAC, Channel, Network Type, Signal, Noise, SNR and Rates for the wireless network that my ex had been monitoring.  Still, the tech guy claimed that nothing in that document showed anything was wrong, and that I am being overly paranoid.  He wants to reformat my computers again for another $600.00.

Today, I read some articles about long known security problems with WEP, and how the keys can be broken in less than 5 minutes either using COTS software, or simply "listening" to the packets put out by the router.  I was livid since the tech guy had never even suggested one of the more secure options when he knew that there was someone deliberately trying to get into my network!  Do I have to move to get some computer privacy??  My ex works near my home, so all he would have to do is sit outside with a laptop and figure out which wireless network is new.  Then he could begin hacking the WEP key and start the whole process over again.  Further, my ex made extensive changes to my computers, including the registry keys, Net Bios, and other features that I am not sure get wiped with a total wipe and reload of my computer system.  I have Windows XP Professional and my ex has every piece of software and hardware imaginable attached to my "virtual computer" so that all the ports are utilized!  Is there any way for me to rectify this ugly situation??  I have already invested too much time, money and emotional exhaustion  and I've got tech people working for me who think I am making stuff up!!  Can you make any suggestions or recommend someone knowledgeable enough to make a fair evaluation of my system??

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Re: Divorced, Yet forever Wed to his Network??
« Reply #1 on: October 19, 2009, 08:21:40 AM »

I'm sorry, but we cannot help in situations like this.  This is a legal issue, and should be dealt with legally, not remotely by volunteers like we are.  Hacking into someone's computer is potentially a felony.  You need to explore your legal alternatives, consult with an attorney and possibly with law enforcement as well.  That is the correct route for you to take.

I am locking this topic.
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