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XP Pro
« on: September 28, 2008, 01:23:04 AM »
Have problem with Dell Latitude CPx. Old PIII, 650MHz, 512RAM, runs very slow but has no malware or viruses that we could find (see questionmaker entry under HJT heading for lots more info on this). CPU runs at 100% all of the time in Task Manager. Original OS was Windows 2000 and was upgraded to XP Pro before it came to me. Not sure if I need registry repair or things revised in the System folders. Any suggestions?

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Re: XP Pro
« Reply #1 on: September 28, 2008, 07:29:01 AM »
Can you identify using Task Manager exactly what process is using the CPU like that?  If not, download Process Explorer from here:

and try that instead of Tasdk manager (it gives a lot more info than Task Manager).  Post what is using the CPU.
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Re: XP Pro
« Reply #2 on: October 06, 2008, 06:55:38 PM »
System occupies 90 to 98 in the CPU column all of the time, with no other description. System idle process is always on 00. this is backward from any of my other PCs. Sorry I have been too busy to respond until today.

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Re: XP Pro
« Reply #3 on: October 06, 2008, 08:32:16 PM »
Here is the process explorer results. I tried to paste GMER results but it takes more than 40000 characters and causes post error...........

Process   PID   CPU   Description   Company Name
System Idle Process   0         
 Interrupts   n/a   0.98   Hardware Interrupts   
 DPCs   n/a   1.96   Deferred Procedure Calls   
 System   4   94.12      
  smss.exe   424      Windows NT Session Manager   Microsoft Corporation
   csrss.exe   484      Client Server Runtime Process   Microsoft Corporation
   winlogon.exe   508      Windows NT Logon Application   Microsoft Corporation
    services.exe   552   0.98   Services and Controller app   Microsoft Corporation
     svchost.exe   720      Generic Host Process for Win32 Services   Microsoft Corporation
     svchost.exe   772      Generic Host Process for Win32 Services   Microsoft Corporation
     svchost.exe   840      Generic Host Process for Win32 Services   Microsoft Corporation
      wscntfy.exe   1480      Windows Security Center Notification App   Microsoft Corporation
     svchost.exe   904      Generic Host Process for Win32 Services   Microsoft Corporation
     svchost.exe   1012      Generic Host Process for Win32 Services   Microsoft Corporation
     spoolsv.exe   1144      Spooler SubSystem App   Microsoft Corporation
     ati2evxx.exe   1292         
     wdfmgr.exe   180      Windows User Mode Driver Manager   Microsoft Corporation
     alg.exe   1376      Application Layer Gateway Service   Microsoft Corporation
    lsass.exe   564      LSA Shell (Export Version)   Microsoft Corporation
explorer.exe   1556   0.98   Windows Explorer   Microsoft Corporation
 Apoint.exe   1876      Alps Pointing-device Driver   Alps Electric Co., Ltd.
 jusched.exe   1884      Java(TM) Platform SE binary   Sun Microsystems, Inc.
 atiptaxx.exe   1900      ATI Desktop Control Panel   ATI Technologies, Inc.
 ctfmon.exe   1908      CTF Loader   Microsoft Corporation
 SUPERAntiSpyware.exe   1916      SUPERAntiSpyware Application
 iexplore.exe   696      Internet Explorer   Microsoft Corporation
ApntEx.exe   1940      Alps Pointing-device Driver for Windows NT/2000   Alps Electric Co., Ltd.
procexp.exe   1588   0.98   Sysinternals Process Explorer   Sysinternals -

Process: System Pid: 4

Name   Description   Company Name   Version
ACPI.sys   ACPI Driver for NT   Microsoft Corporation   5.01.2600.5512
afd.sys   Ancillary Function Driver for WinSock   Microsoft Corporation   5.01.2600.5625
agp440.sys   440 NT AGP Filter   Microsoft Corporation   5.01.2600.5512
Apfiltr.sys   Alps Pointing-device Driver   Alps Electric Co., Ltd.   5.03.0001.0095
atapi.sys   IDE/ATAPI Port Driver   Microsoft Corporation   5.01.2600.5512
ati2drab.dll   ATI2DRAB Display Driver   ATI Technologies Inc.   6.13.0010.5779
ati2mpab.sys   ATI2MPAB Miniport Driver   ATI Technologies Inc.   6.13.0010.5779
ATMFD.DLL   Windows NT OpenType/Type 1 Font Driver   Adobe Systems Incorporated   5.01.0002.0226
audstub.sys   AudStub Driver   Microsoft Corporation   5.01.2600.0000
BATTC.SYS   Battery Class Driver   Microsoft Corporation   5.01.2600.5512
Beep.SYS   BEEP Driver   Microsoft Corporation   5.01.2600.0000
BOOTVID.dll   VGA Boot Driver   Microsoft Corporation   5.01.2600.0000
cben5.sys   NDIS 5.X Miniport Driver   Xircom, Inc.   3.14.0013.0000
Cdfs.SYS   CD-ROM File System Driver   Microsoft Corporation   5.01.2600.5512
cdrom.sys   SCSI CD-ROM Driver   Microsoft Corporation   5.01.2600.5512
cercsr6.sys   DELL CERC SATA1.5/6ch Miniport Driver   Adaptec, Inc.   4.01.0000.7405
CLASSPNP.SYS   SCSI Class System Dll   Microsoft Corporation   5.01.2600.5512
CmBatt.sys   Control Method Battery Driver   Microsoft Corporation   5.01.2600.5512
compbatt.sys   Composite Battery Driver   Microsoft Corporation   5.01.2600.5512
disk.sys   PnP Disk Driver   Microsoft Corporation   5.01.2600.5512
drmk.sys   Microsoft Kernel DRM Descrambler Filter   Microsoft Corporation   5.01.2600.5512
Dxapi.sys   DirectX API Driver   Microsoft Corporation   5.01.2600.0000
dxg.sys   DirectX Graphics Driver   Microsoft Corporation   5.01.2600.5512
dxgthk.sys   DirectX Graphics Driver Thunk   Microsoft Corporation   5.01.2600.0000
es198xdl.sys   ES1988/ES1998/ES199A Adapter Driver   ESS Technology, Inc.   5.12.0001.1174
fdc.sys   Floppy Disk Controller Driver   Microsoft Corporation   5.01.2600.5512
Fips.SYS   FIPS Crypto Driver   Microsoft Corporation   5.01.2600.5512
fltmgr.sys   Microsoft Filesystem Filter Manager   Microsoft Corporation   5.01.2600.5512
Fs_Rec.SYS   File System Recognizer Driver   Microsoft Corporation   5.01.2600.0000
ftdisk.sys   FT Disk Driver   Microsoft Corporation   5.01.2600.0000
hal.dll   Hardware Abstraction Layer DLL   Microsoft Corporation   5.01.2600.5512
HTTP.sys   HTTP Protocol Stack   Microsoft Corporation   5.01.2600.5512
i8042prt.sys   i8042 Port Driver   Microsoft Corporation   5.01.2600.5512
intelide.sys   Intel PCI IDE Driver   Microsoft Corporation   5.01.2600.5512
ipnat.sys   IP Network Address Translator   Microsoft Corporation   5.01.2600.5512
ipsec.sys   IPSec Driver   Microsoft Corporation   5.01.2600.5512
isapnp.sys   PNP ISA Bus Driver   Microsoft Corporation   5.01.2600.5512
kbdclass.sys   Keyboard Class Driver   Microsoft Corporation   5.01.2600.5512
KDCOM.DLL   Kernel Debugger HW Extension DLL   Microsoft Corporation   5.01.2600.0000
ks.sys   Kernel CSA Library   Microsoft Corporation   5.03.2600.5512
KSecDD.sys   Kernel Security Support Provider Interface   Microsoft Corporation   5.01.2600.5512
mnmdd.SYS   Frame buffer simulator   Microsoft Corporation   5.01.2600.0000
Modem.SYS   Modem Device Driver   Microsoft Corporation   5.01.2600.5512
mouclass.sys   Mouse Class Driver   Microsoft Corporation   5.01.2600.5512
MountMgr.sys   Mount Manager   Microsoft Corporation   5.01.2600.5512
mrxdav.sys   Windows NT WebDav Minirdr   Microsoft Corporation   5.01.2600.5512
mrxsmb.sys   Windows NT SMB Minirdr   Microsoft Corporation   5.01.2600.5512
Msfs.SYS   Mailslot driver   Microsoft Corporation   5.01.2600.5512
msgpc.sys   MS General Packet Classifier   Microsoft Corporation   5.01.2600.5512
mssmbios.sys   System Management BIOS Driver   Microsoft Corporation   5.01.2600.5512
Mup.sys   Multiple UNC Provider driver   Microsoft Corporation   5.01.2600.5512
NDIS.sys   NDIS 5.1 wrapper driver   Microsoft Corporation   5.01.2600.5512
ndistapi.sys   NDIS 3.0 connection wrapper driver   Microsoft Corporation   5.01.2600.5512
ndisuio.sys   NDIS User mode I/O Driver   Microsoft Corporation   5.01.2600.5512
ndiswan.sys   MS PPP Framing Driver (Strong Encryption)   Microsoft Corporation   5.01.2600.5512
NDProxy.SYS   NDIS Proxy   Microsoft Corporation   5.01.2600.5512
netbios.sys   NetBIOS interface driver   Microsoft Corporation   5.01.2600.5512
netbt.sys   MBT Transport driver   Microsoft Corporation   5.01.2600.5512
Npfs.SYS   NPFS Driver   Microsoft Corporation   5.01.2600.5512
ntdll.dll   NT Layer DLL   Microsoft Corporation   5.01.2600.5512
Ntfs.sys   NT File System Driver   Microsoft Corporation   5.01.2600.5512
ntoskrnl.exe   NT Kernel & System   Microsoft Corporation   5.01.2600.5512
Null.SYS   NULL Driver   Microsoft Corporation   5.01.2600.0000
omci.sys   OMCI Device Driver   Dell Computer Corporation   7.00.0316.0000
p3.sys   Processor Device Driver   Microsoft Corporation   5.01.2600.5512
parport.sys   Parallel Port Driver   Microsoft Corporation   5.01.2600.5512
PartMgr.sys   Partition Manager   Microsoft Corporation   5.01.2600.5512
ParVdm.SYS   VDM Parallel Driver   Microsoft Corporation   5.01.2600.0000
pavboot.sys   Panda Boot Driver   Panda Security, S.L.   1.00.0010.0000
pci.sys   NT Plug and Play PCI Enumerator   Microsoft Corporation   5.01.2600.5512
PCIIDEX.SYS   PCI IDE Bus Driver Extension   Microsoft Corporation   5.01.2600.5512
pcmcia.sys   PCMCIA Bus Driver   Microsoft Corporation   5.01.2600.5512
portcls.sys   Port Class (Class Driver for Port/Miniport Devices)   Microsoft Corporation   5.01.2600.5512
psched.sys   MS QoS Packet Scheduler   Microsoft Corporation   5.01.2600.5512
ptilink.sys   Parallel Technologies DirectParallel IO Library   Parallel Technologies, Inc.   1.01.0000.0000
rasacd.sys   RAS Automatic Connection Driver   Microsoft Corporation   5.01.2600.0000
rasl2tp.sys   RAS L2TP mini-port/call-manager driver   Microsoft Corporation   5.01.2600.5512
raspppoe.sys   RAS PPPoE mini-port/call-manager driver   Microsoft Corporation   5.01.2600.5512
raspptp.sys   Peer-to-Peer Tunneling Protocol   Microsoft Corporation   5.01.2600.5512
raspti.sys   PTI DirectParallel(R) mini-port/call-manager driver   Microsoft Corporation   5.01.2600.0000
rdbss.sys   Redirected Drive Buffering SubSystem Driver   Microsoft Corporation   5.01.2600.5512
RDPCDD.sys   RDP Miniport   Microsoft Corporation   5.01.2600.0000
rdpdr.sys   Microsoft RDP Device redirector   Microsoft Corporation   5.01.2600.5512
redbook.sys   Redbook Audio Filter Driver   Microsoft Corporation   5.01.2600.5512
SASDIFSV.SYS   SASDIFSV.SYS and   1.00.0000.1010
SASENUM.SYS   SASENUM.SYS and   1.00.0000.1004
SASKUTIL.sys   SASKUTIL.SYS and   1.00.0000.1062
SCSIPORT.SYS   SCSI Port Driver   Microsoft Corporation   5.01.2600.5512
serenum.sys   Serial Port Enumerator   Microsoft Corporation   5.01.2600.5512
serial.sys   Serial Device Driver   Microsoft Corporation   5.01.2600.5512
sr.sys   System Restore Filesystem Filter Driver   Microsoft Corporation   5.01.2600.5512
srv.sys   Server driver   Microsoft Corporation   5.01.2600.5512
swenum.sys   Plug and Play Software Device Enumerator   Microsoft Corporation   5.03.2600.5512
sysaudio.sys   System Audio WDM Filter   Microsoft Corporation   5.01.2600.5512
tcpip.sys   TCP/IP Protocol Driver   Microsoft Corporation   5.01.2600.5625
TDI.SYS   TDI Wrapper   Microsoft Corporation   5.01.2600.5512
termdd.sys   Terminal Server Driver   Microsoft Corporation   5.01.2600.5512
update.sys   Update Driver   Microsoft Corporation   5.01.2600.5512
USBD.SYS   Universal Serial Bus Driver   Microsoft Corporation   5.01.2600.0000
usbhub.sys   Default Hub Driver for USB   Microsoft Corporation   5.01.2600.5512
USBPORT.SYS   USB 1.1 & 2.0 Port Driver   Microsoft Corporation   5.01.2600.5512
usbuhci.sys   UHCI USB Miniport Driver   Microsoft Corporation   5.01.2600.5512
vga.sys   VGA/Super VGA Video Driver   Microsoft Corporation   5.01.2600.5512
VIDEOPRT.SYS   Video Port Driver   Microsoft Corporation   5.01.2600.5512
VolSnap.sys   Volume Shadow Copy Driver   Microsoft Corporation   5.01.2600.5512
wanarp.sys   MS Remote Access and Routing ARP Driver   Microsoft Corporation   5.01.2600.5512
watchdog.sys   Watchdog Driver   Microsoft Corporation   5.01.2600.5512
wdmaud.sys   MMSYSTEM Wave/Midi API mapper   Microsoft Corporation   5.01.2600.5512
win32k.sys   Multi-User Win32 Driver   Microsoft Corporation   5.01.2600.5512
WMILIB.SYS   WMILIB WMI support library Dll   Microsoft Corporation   5.01.2600.0000
ws2ifsl.sys   Winsock2 IFS Layer   Microsoft Corporation   5.01.2600.0000