Analog Clock: ClocX 1.6.0

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Analog Clock: ClocX 1.6.0
« on: December 11, 2013, 10:11:37 PM »
Ok, this is just for fun.

When I upgraded to Internet Explorer 11, it killed my gadgets. In particular I lost my analog desktop clock, with the second hand sweep. (I never did like that digital clock in the notification tray, which lacks a seconds counter. I suppose I'm dating myself here ...). But as an amateur horologist, I found a good replacement.

Enter ClocX. It is a freeware analog desktop clock that is highly configurable.

It is a 20 MB download from:
No bundled junkware. No ads.
Supported by Win XP and all subsequent Win systems.

Less than a minute on all my XP and Win 7 systems. No service is installed.
It does optionally offer to load ClocX.exe at startup.

What you end up with is a generic analog clock:

You can drag it to any corner of your desktop, and lock it there.

But the best part is that you can configure the clock to display one of many faces (more than 100). You can choose a Rolex, a classical Roman dial, a wall clock, a pocket watch etc. You can change its size, add the date, and add a second hand. Some clock faces that I particularly like:



You can add an alarm from several sound files. I like the bell chime that sounds like Big Ben. It only works once a day though, not hourly.

ClocX.exe is easily uninstalled via the usual methods.

I've used it now for some weeks on several Win systems with no problems. Unfortunately, it does not make your time any more accurate than your Windows OS clock, with which it synchs. But if you like an analog clock on your desktop, this is a pretty nifty program.