From vulnerability to fraud, how hard is it?

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From vulnerability to fraud, how hard is it?
« on: March 13, 2010, 07:11:00 AM »
I really think that many people do not understand how they can be affected by data breaches.  This blog post only talks about some of the more blatant easy to find markets for this information, but it is a good perspective to start from in understanding how people are personally affected by this.

From vulnerability to fraud, how hard is it?

By Security Ninja, 9 February 2010

Hi everyone,

The blog Im writing today is a bit different to the blogs I normally write. I normally discuss application security vulnerabilities or how to write secure code but I wanted to post something different today. I used to write the occasional post which covered a specific issue in security Id been researching that wasnt necessarily related to application security. Im happy to say that I have a new Ninja Research post for you all today!

I was asked to present to the FICASIAN group in November last year and this blog post is based on the findings from the research I conducted for the presentation. FICASIAN is a group of leading anti-fraud specialist from the UK and Ireland which includes Heads of Fraud from banks and gaming companies as well as Compliance Directors and CSOs.

Im certainly not a fraud expert so I decided to base the presentation on the things I know rather than trying to pretend I know a lot about fraud. I have seen several fraud presentations and read several fraud papers. These presentations and papers tend to focus on numbers and theory. The numbers and theory are useful for people to know but I prefer to see things for real, we know that people steal data and use it in various different ways so I wanted to show more about that. I wanted to show how easy it is to steal large amounts of data and turn that into cash or goods.

I posed a question to myself that I wanted the research and presentation to answer:

From vulnerability to fraud, how hard is it?

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