[NEW Instructions!] What Do I Do First?

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[NEW Instructions!] What Do I Do First?
« on: January 05, 2012, 05:56:13 PM »
Welcome to SpywareHammer  :w

If you are planning on getting help with malware removal, you will need to post a diagnostic log in the forum.
1. To begin, please create a free account by registering. To do that click Register. If you have already done so there is no need to register again.
* NOTE: Word-wrap should be turned OFF so that your logs format correctly when posted on the forum.

2. Please perform the following scan:
  • Download DDS by sUBs from one of the following links.  Save it to your desktop.
  • Double click on the DDS icon and allow it to run.
  • A small box will open, with an explanation about the tool.   
  • When done, DDS will open two (2) logs

         1. DDS.txt
         2. Attach.txt
  • Save both logs to your desktop.
  • The instructions ask you to attach the Attach.txt.
  • Instead of attaching, please copy/paste both logs into your new topic.

  • Close the program window, and delete the program from your desktop.
Please note:  You may have to disable any script protection running if the scan fails to run.
After downloading the tool, disconnect from the internet and disable all antivirus protection.
Run the scan; enable your A/V and reconnect to the internet. 
Information on A/V control HERE

  In order to avoid damaging your system further, please do NOT run any other anti-virus or anti-malware scans unless under the direction of our Staff here

3. Open the Malware Removal Forum

4. On the right side Select the New Topic button.

5. In the Subject Line put a descriptive title such as "Pop Ups" or "Redirects", ("Fake Anti-Virus Pop-Ups", "No Internet Connection", "Virus in [file name]", “Many Adware Windows Opening”, "Unable to Update Security Software”, "Cannot Enable Anti-virus and Firewall". Titles that do not help us would be: "Help Me!", "My Log", “Do You See Anything Wrong?”, “Clueless”, “Here’s the Log”, “Malware” and other general titles.
 Do not include [In Progress] in your title. This is what Staff uses to note who is being helped and who is waiting. 

6. Copy and Paste your DDS logs into your reply as well as a brief description of the problem you are experiencing. Make sure you include the header of your log.  Including virus/trojan/worm names and locations if available is also helpful.  Please DO NOT post another program’s log, unless we specifically ask for it, but do let us know what other scans you have run. Additional logs can complicate the initial diagnosis. Please note that ComboFix should NEVER be run unless requested. While it is a powerful tool useful for removing a number of infections, there can be mishaps. There are safeguards built into ComboFix, but only someone trained in its use will be able to interpret the logs correctly and help you recover.

7. Select the Post button. That's it. You will receive an email when your topic is replied to.

A Few Helpful Tips
* Our trained volunteers will reply to your log as soon as possible. We appreciate your patience.
*  Please do not bump your topic. Replying to your new topic will cause the helpers here to skip over your log thinking that it is already being addressed.
* Please do not include suspicious links. You may, however describe the type or name of sites that you are having a problem with. By using links, you would be putting other members at risk if they click on them by accident. If you need to give information about sites that you are redirected to, please disable the links by using hxxp:// instead of http://
* Please feel free to ask questions and disagree politely, but do not argue with the instructions given. Profanity is not allowed. (This will result in your post being deleted)
* We appreciate your replying to the helper’s instructions in a timely manner. Threads are deemed inactive after a specified time. If you plan to be away for a few days, please inform your helper so that your topic will not be removed.

Topics in this forum are to be answered by Staff Only. Often users who think they may be helping, may actually be harming.

If You Desire to Help at SpywareHammer
 Please contact SpywareHammer Academy about the possibility of training to become a Malware Removal Staff Member.
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