The Following Software Must Be Removed Before Posting Here

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The Following Software Must Be Removed Before Posting Here
« on: January 05, 2012, 05:52:06 PM »

The Following Software Must Be Removed Before Posting Here

1. P2P Programs
Before we clean your computer you must remove any P2P (Peer-to-Peer file sharing) programs you have installed. This is an absolute requirement and we will not offer assistance where P2P programs are present.  Our reasons are explained in the following paragraphs.

P2P programs may contain bundled spyware. Even if they don't, you're exposed to risks from the way the file sharing process works. Most P2P's are configured to automatically launch at startup, allowing other P2P users on the same network open access to a shared directory on your computer. File sharing relies on its members giving and gaining open access to computers across the P2P network. This can make you vulnerable to data and identity theft. Even if you change your settings to a safer configuration, the act of downloading files from an anonymous source increases your exposure to infection. The files you are downloading may actually contain disguised threats. Many worms and trojans, target and spread across P2P networks using their known vulnerabilities.  Moreover, the overwhelming majority of P2P usage involves illegal downloads of copyright material.  Although SpywareHammer will assist in cleaning your computer once P2P has been removed, we will not in any way assist the recovery of files downloaded through P2P, installing or configuring P2P, or in any other related issue.  See Site Policy and Forum Rules.

Since P2P file sharing programs can be dangerous to restoring your computer to a healthy state, we ask that you remove them before we will provide you with malware removal assistance.

Please remove P2P applications with Add/Remove Programs. We don't clean computers that have them installed as this can cause infection during your cleaning. If you need help removing them, just ask.

Below is list of P2P programs (by no means exhaustive), also included in the list of programs to be removed, are any varients of the programs listed below.

Your helper may ask you to remove any additional programs that may be responsible for downloading malware and reinfecting.

   360Share Pro      Aimini      AlienIdol      Alliance P2P      AllPeers   
   Amishare      AMule      Anatomic P2P      Anonymity application      Anonymous P2P   
   Anonymous remailer      ANts P2P      ApexDC ++      Apollon      Applejuice   
   Arctic Torrent      Ares Galaxy      AudioGnome      Avalanche (P2P)      AXXo   
   Azureus      BCDC++      BearShare Lite      Bearshare Pro 6.1      Bencode   
   Bitblinder      BitBuddy      BitComet      BitLord      Bitpump   
   BitSpirit      BitTornado      BitTorrent      BitTorrent Experimental      Blubster   
   Broadcatching      BT Queue      BT++      BTSharp      Burst~   
   Cabos      Clickster      Crazaa      CSpace      DarkNET Conglomeration   
   DC Pro      DC++      DCC Manager      Deepnet      Deluge   
   DirectConnect      Distributed Networking      eAnt      EarthStation 5      EasyTracker   
   Edonkey      EDonkey network      Emscher P2P      EMule      eMule   
   eMule MorphXT      eMule Plus      Epicea      eTomi      eXeem   
   eXeem Lite      ExoSee      Fast Network P2P      FastTrack      FileCroc   
   FilePipe      FileScope      Filetopia      Flash! Torrent      FlixFlux   
   Foxy (P2P)      Free Net Speeder      Free Net Speeder Lite      FreeCast      Freenet   
   FrostWire      fulDC      Fusteeno      G3 Torrent      GiFT   
   Gimme P2P      Gloster      Gluz      GnucDNA      GNucleus    
   GNUnet      Gnutella      Gnutella2      Grid casting      Grokster   
   Gtk-gnutella      Halite      Hornet      Hydranode       i2Hub   
   I2P      i2Phex      I2Phex – Gnutella over I2P      IFolder      iMesh    
   Imesh Light      iMule      JavaShare      JetiANts      JMule   
   JNapster       Jubster      Kad network      Kazaa       Kazaa Ghost   
   KaZaA Lite K++       Kazaa Lite Resurrection      KCeasy      Kdrive      Key-based routing   
   Kiwi Alpha      KMLDonkey      Kommute      Kontiki      Koorde   
   Ktorrent      Lan2P      Libtorrent       LimeWire      LinuxDC++   
   Lopster      LPhant       LPhant Plus      Mammoth      Manolito   
   Marabunta      MasterMax      MFC-Mute      MLDonkey      Mnet   
   MonoTorrent      MoodAmp      MooPolice      Morpheus      MorphXT   
   MP3Rocket      Musicom      MUTE      MyNapster      MyTunes   
   NapMX      NapShare      Napster      NeoEdge Networks      NeoNapster   
   NetShare      Network Magic      Nicotine      Nodezilla      Nova P2P   
   Nova Torrent      Orbit Downloader      OFF System      One MX      Open Media Network   
   OpenFT      OpenNap      Opentracker      Osiris      Osprey OpenNap Client   
   OurTunes      Overnet      P2P Muzic      P2P-Next      P2PStorm Client   
   P2PTV      Pando      PeerCast      Peersites      PeerTracker   
   PeerWeb      Perfect Dark      Phex      Phosphor      Piolet   
   Poisoned      PowerFolder      PPStream      Proxyshare      QQLive   
   Rapid Finder      Razorback2      RetroShare      RevConnect      Rodi   
   RShare      rtorrent      Ruckus      Rufus      SababaDC   
   Scour      Seedbox      ShakesPeer      Share      Shareaza   
   Shareaza Plus      Sharelin      ShareNow      Sigster      Sneakernet   
   SocksCap      SolarSeek      Soribada      Soulseek      Speedy P2P   
   StealthNet      StegoShare      StrongDC      StrongDC++      SUMI Anonymous   
   Super-seeding      tamiltorrents      TED      Tesla      The Circle   
   Torrent Searcher      Torrent Swapper      torrentflux      TorrentFreak      TorrenTopia   
   TorrentSpy      TorrentStorm      TorrentVolve      Tracker scrape      Tribler   
   TrustyFiles      Turbo Torrent      TurboBT      Turtle F2F      uTorrent   
   Valknut      VeryCD      Vuze       Warez P2P      WASTE   
   WinLop      WinMX      Winny      WinZO      Wirehog   
   XBT Client      XBT Tracker      XDCC-Fetch      Xeem       Xfactor   
   XMule      Xnap      XoloX      Xtreme Mod      Yet ABC   
   YourBittorrent      Zeus       ZipTorrent      zK++      Zultrax   

*Please note: This list is a sample and is not all-inclusive.

2. Cracks, Keygens, Pirated Software, etc.
We will not participate in cleaning a system or providing any other assistance if there is evidence of cracked software, keygens, or otherwise pirated software present.

If we determine that you are running one or more cracks (programs that allow using software without paying) we will withdraw support for your topic.  It is our policy not to assist when someone is using cracked software, keygens, warez or other pirated software.

Crack, keygen, and warez sites are infamous for bundling malware along with cracks.  Obtaining and running unlicensed software in this way, may impact your system so it no longer functions properly.  Unfortunately system damage, is often a side effect of an entrenched malware infection which you can obtain by downloading cracks.

Because of legal and ethical considerations, SpywareHammer’s policy is to refuse to participate in the cleanup or restoration of a system that has unlicensed software: Site Policy and Forum Rules If you have become infected from using cracked software to bypass licensing software requirements, your best plan would be to reformat the hard disk and reinstall Windows.  This would eliminate the infections* you may have sustained and also restore your operating system's functionality.

* with the exception of the mebroot trojan (aka MBR rootkit)
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