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Current News / If you download Minecraft mods from Google Play, read on …
« Last post by Bugbatter on Yesterday at 08:53:21 PM »
Minecraft players have been exposed to scams and aggressive ads brought by 87 fake Minecraft mods recently spotted on Google Play.

The apps can be divided into two categories – the ad-displaying downloader detected by ESET as Android/TrojanDownloader.Agent.JL and fake apps redirecting users to scam websites, detected as Android/FakeApp.FG.

Altogether, the 87 fake mods reached up to 990,000 installs before we reported them on March 16th and 21st.
Current News / LastPass Bugs Allow Malicious Websites to Steal Passwords
« Last post by Bugbatter on Yesterday at 01:26:40 PM »
LastPass patched three separate bugs that affected its Chrome and Firefox browser extensions, which if exploited, would have allowed a third-party to extract passwords from users visiting a malicious website.

All bugs were discovered by Tavis Ormandy, a security researcher working for Google's Project Zero.
Windows 10 Creators Update: An overview of the new features and improvements on the way

Next month, Microsoft will release its Windows 10 Creators Update, the first major upgrade to the operating system since its Anniversary Update arrived last August. When Microsoft first announced details of the Creators Update in October, it focused – unsurprisingly – on the new features that it said would nurture and inspire creativity in the hundreds of millions of people who now use the OS around the world.

But while some of those features obviously and directly target that aim to boost creativity, such as the new Paint 3D app, the Creators Update is packed full of all sorts of other handy and impressive new features. Most of these have no direct connection with ‘creativity’, or even content creation, but many of them should still prove to be very useful.
Current News / Russian bank claims hackers are trying to connect it to Trump
« Last post by Bugbatter on March 21, 2017, 08:24:08 AM »
In a strange new plot twist, Russia’s Alfa Bank last week released a furious statement that claimed someone “using an identified US-based service provider” has been generating spoofed traffic between its servers and those of the Trump Organization to foment suspicion:
Fortunately, in general any major ad-blocker program works to block PowerLinks ads.
PowerLinks ads put millions of readers at risk, from major publications like The Verge, Vice News and more

Readers of major websites like Vice News, CNET, The Verge, How To Geek and more, are exposed to security risks since 2015 because the ads they run from the PowerLinks advertising platform use expired SSL certificates. Here’s what is going on, what you are exposing yourself to when reading publications that include PowerLinks ads and what you can do to stay safe:
Current News / Google Points to Another POS Vendor Breach
« Last post by Bugbatter on March 20, 2017, 08:32:57 AM »
For the second time in the past nine months, Google has inadvertently but nonetheless correctly helped to identify the source of a large credit card breach — by assigning a “This site may be hacked” warning beneath the search results for the Web site of a victimized merchant.

A little over a month ago, KrebsOnSecurity was contacted by multiple financial institutions whose anti-fraud teams were trying to trace the source of a great deal of fraud on cards that were all used at a handful of high-end restaurants around the country.

Two of those fraud teams shared a list of restaurants that all affected cardholders had visited recently. A bit of searching online showed that nearly all of those establishments were run by Select Restaurants Inc., a Cleveland, Ohio company that owns a number of well-known eateries nationwide, including Boston’s Top of the Hub; Parker’s Lighthouse in Long Beach, Calif.; the Rusty Scupper in Baltimore, Md.; Parkers Blue Ash Tavern in Cincinnati, Ohio; Parkers’ Restaurant & Bar in Downers Grove, Illinois; Winberie’s Restaurant & Bar with locations in Oak Park, Illinois and Princeton and Summit, New Jersey; and Black Powder Tavern in Valley Forge, PA.

Can you tell a legitimate email or website from a phishing attack? It’s great if you answered yes, but even the techiest and trained eye can be duped, as a Gmail phishing scam just proved.

Since January, a large phishing campaign has been targeting the email provider and, following tremendous success, it has recently expanded to other services. Although a fix is now available and Chrome will immediately inform you it’s not safe, users should still be suspicious of any strange activity.

How does it work? The user receives a personal, informative email from a contact whose account was compromised. Because the hacker actually goes through the Inbox to find some common ground to write about, the email seems legit.|c|fb|H4S
General Computer Issues / Re: Corrupt folders
« Last post by smestarz on March 19, 2017, 09:13:14 PM »
I shall be uninstalling utorrent (since viking season is over) I was able to recover some files but apparently some files which had some of the movies that I shot were deleted
rather 2 GB file now shows 0 mb..
General Computer Issues / Re: Corrupt folders
« Last post by Hoov on March 19, 2017, 09:08:18 PM »
I am sorry, I can't help you with the µTorrent problem. We do not use or help people with p2p software here. The reason is that to much malware is served via p2p.

Were you able to recover the other files?
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