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You're welcome. We're always glad to help.
thanks for the effort. Since it is so old Im just going not worry about it anymore. Thanks much!!
Do you have access to another computer of a family member or friend?
As long as you have the lapotop's Service Tag #, you should be able to download the driver(s) to a CD, SD card, or USB stick in order to transfer them (in Safemode if that works) to the problem laptop. Once transferred to the laptop (perhaps in Safemode) double click on each driver file to see if they will install. After installation, reboot normally.

Do you have your original XP installation disc? We're talking about something obsolete, so you are at a disadvantage for getting all components to work.
 I cant get the keyboard or touch pad to work to even get to the website to try the process. the laptop will come on load and I can move around a little, then boom it freezes and I can't move around anymore. I have to force the power off to turn it off. I just tried safe mode and uninstalled driver to keyboard and then restart. My touch pad and keyboard worked in safe mode to do this. Didn't work says corrupted . then it froze.
Have you tried reinstalling the keyboard and USB drivers for your model Dell? Once the computer sees the mouse, it should find the drivers for it.
Check with Dell's Driver Downloads page:
 You will need your Service Tag #.
mouse and keyboard will not work in dell laptop xp after unistalling Kaspersky
Current News / LG hit with WannaCry after failing to apply security patches
« Last post by Bugbatter on August 19, 2017, 10:52:31 AM »
HARDWARE FIRM LG has been hit by yesterday's bad news, the all destroying WannaCry malware, that knocked the NHS with one punch and went on a world wide tour of mayhem.

So how could LG have been hit by WannaCry after all this time? Well, if you listen to the security community, it was through its own stupidity.

Current News / Old Flaws, New Tricks: CVE-2017-0199 and PowerPoint Abuse
« Last post by Bugbatter on August 16, 2017, 02:14:25 PM »
Researchers discover attackers are using a patched Microsoft vulnerability to abuse PowerPoint files and distribute malware.
Current News / Who will own the data from your autonomous car?
« Last post by Bugbatter on August 16, 2017, 01:10:08 PM »
Who owns your car?

Assuming its paid off, you might think you do. Its your responsibility to maintain it. If something breaks, you have to pay to fix it. If you hit somebody or something with it, youre liable for the damage.

But the data you generate in your autonomous car of the future? Apparently not so much. If you expect the US Congress to protect your personal privacy, including ownership and control of those data, as the nation moves into the era of autonomous vehicles (AV), you need to temper your expectations.

Legislation is in the works in both houses of Congress to regulate AVs, although the House is ahead of the Senate the Committee on Energy and Commerce released the text a couple of weeks ago of a proposed bill titled the SELF DRIVE Act.
Current News / Too many big online brands allow terrible passwords
« Last post by Bugbatter on August 15, 2017, 02:21:54 PM »
Bad passwords, we are told with exhausting regularity, are where users consistently mess up their online security. But might big companies also be at fault for designing weak password behaviour into their websites?

As assessment of the password design of 37 well-known big online websites and apps by password manager company Dashlane ventures an answer: many sites are quite good, a few are improving, and a hard core that includes some of the webs biggest brands, remain surprisingly sketchy.
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