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 Firefox can be problematical.

Your files:-
FlipShareService=Legitimate program. Allows you to share Flip videos on popular social media sites.
It is your choice whether or not you want to keep it.

AmazonCloudDrive.exe= Valid entry,it is related to Amazon Online storage service.See HERE for details.

AmazonCloudDriveW.exe=  Java(TM) Platform SE 6 U37 , assuming you do not use Amazon Coud, it can be deleted too.


Find your Profile without opening firefox & rename it

    Please go HERE
    Scroll down to "Finding your profile without opening Firefox"
    Follow the instructions carefully.
    Inside the outlined window Right Click on the profile.
    In the pop up window click on "Open file location"
    In the Profiles window Right Click on the Profile & select Rename
    Enter your new name for the profile. Type in the new profile name, and click on OK. ?

Note: The folder containing the files for the profile is not renamed.

Uninstall firefox with Revo Uninstaller Pro with a 30 day free trial
Note: Revo Uninstaller is more thorough in deleting programs on your computer than using the Add/Remove option in Windows. Since it is a more powerful tool, please be sure to follow the instructions carefully. There is a very useful video HERE I strongly recommend you watch it BEFORE following my instructions.
  • Please download and install Revo Uninstaller
  • note: If the Revosetup  binary file box appears,select save
  • In your downloads folder, double click the revosetup  & follow the prompts to  run the uninstaller.
  • Double click Revo Uninstaller to run it
  • From the list of programs double click on the listed program(s),  to remove it
Mozilla Firefox
  • Click on uninstall at top of window.
  • When prompted if you want to uninstall click Yes
  • Be sure the Advanced option is selected then click Next
  • The program will run, If prompted again click Yes
  • When the built-in uninstaller is finished click on Next
  • Once the program has searched for leftovers click Next
  • Check the items "Mozilla" and "Firefox" on the list then click Delete
  • note: you may have to expand some folders by clicking the "+" mark
  • When prompted click on Yes and then on Next
  • Click "Select All" and select Delete
  • When prompted select Yes then Next
  • Once done click Finish

Next reinstall Firefox and let me know how this went.
Current News / Windows 10 is on 75 million PCs after only one month
« Last post by ky331 on Yesterday at 09:12:48 AM »
If you're still wondering why Microsoft made Windows 10 free, just consider the latest stats: It's now on 75 million computers one month after its big launch... In comparison, it took six months for Microsoft to sell 100 million Windows 8 licenses...
Win XP / Re: Win XP OS Crash During AVG Scan
« Last post by lacene on Yesterday at 05:13:55 AM »
Well, and just as soon as post this, AVG scanned fine with no issues, and my PC didn't crash. I didn't do anything or try to fix anything. I did run regedit to see if I could view the GINA DLL registry key to see if it had been altered, but wasn't able to do anything but open folders in the windows directory they were supposedly in. The AVG software did do a little "updating..." action just before the scan started - there's different icons for the actions: updating has an animated icon where a white highlight swirls around within the icon, and the scanning process has the icon with a little white "play" triangle in the middle of it. Perhaps my AVG Free fixed itself? I did email AVG's support with the problem, but hadn't got any feedback yet. Perhaps others had this same issue with their last update, and they fixed it before I ever emailed them. Anyways, my AVG updates periodically anyways with new virus protection files like any AV prog does, so who knows how it got fixed. If it is even fixed....

Oh well....I'll keep this thread bookmarked in case it happens again. I know Windows XP is an old OS and Microsoft doesn't officially support it any more, even though I still am getting Windows updates from them from time to time. So I know my PC's days are numbered. But it still works for all my needs as long as it doesn't get the BSoD, and I'm trying to make it stretch as long as I can until I finally give in and upgrade to a newer PC. Cheers...
Win XP / Win XP OS Crash During AVG Scan
« Last post by lacene on August 25, 2015, 09:35:41 PM »
Hello, I have an older Win XP PC with a fairly new HD I installed in March '14. I use AVG's free anti-virus program, and have for 10 years with few issues. I have my AVG set to scan nightly at 5 am since in the past I am asleep at that time, although for the past year I have been awake and often use the PC due to new work hours.

Two nights ago, my AVG started it's scan, and my PC OS crashed within seconds. It gave the BSoD (Blue Screen of Death), and the error msg was as follows:

Stop: C000021a (fatal system error)
The Windows logon process system process terminated unexpectedly with a status of 0x00000000
(0x00000000 0x00000000). The system has been shut down.

I performed a hard shutdown, and after a bit re-started the machine. It started back up fine and gave no more error messages nor made any odd actions indicating that something was wrong. At the time this happened, I was on the internet reading something, while at the same time was listening to some music using youtube, which of course also plays a video. I wasn't watching the video however, was just taking advantage of the music. I thought (hoped) since my PC is getting old, that perhaps multi-tasking using youtube - especially at the time my AVG scan operates - might have over-worked my PC and caused the crash. In the past, viewing videos while the scan is underway would cause the video to freeze or stop, but never caused the PC to crash.

The next night (this morning) the same event took place again, with the same message. This time, I made sure to not have any videos playing, and in fact exited the internet entirely once the scan started. A minute or two later, my PC crashed again with the same BSoD error.

I was again able to hard-shut down my PC and re-start it again, with no issues. My AVG program of course did not perform it's scan, and didn't the previous night either. THIS time I accessed AVG, and manually started the scan. Another PC crash....

So, it looks like it involves my AVG software, which did have a program update recently, perhaps less than 2 days ago. I googled the error msg, and what I found from Microsoft's site indicates this as the cause:

The STOP 0xC000021A error occurs when either Winlogon.exe or Csrss.exe fails. When the Windows NT kernel detects that either of these processes has stopped, it stops the system and raises the STOP 0xC000021A error. This error may have several causes. Among them are the following:

    Mismatched system files have been installed.
    A Service Pack installation has failed.
    A backup program that is used to restore a hard disk did not correctly restore files that may have been in use.
    An incompatible third-party program has been installed.

It also stated this:

    Note Most STOP 0xC000021A errors occur because Winlogon.exe fails. This typically occurs because of a faulty third-party Graphical Identification and Authentication (GINA) DLL. The GINA is a replaceable DLL component that Winlogon.exe loads. The GINA implements the authentication policy of the interactive logon model. The GINA performs all identification and authentication user interactions.

It is very common for certain types of remote control software to replace the default Windows GINA DLL (Msgina.dll). Therefore, a good first step is to examine the system to see if it has a third-party GINA DLL. To do this, locate the following registry key:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon
Value = GinaDLL REG_SZ

    If the Gina DLL value is present and if it is anything other than Msgina.dll, it probably means that a third-party product has changed this value.
    If this value is not present, the system uses Msgina.dll as the default GINA DLL.

My question is, how can I view this registry key to see if it has been altered? I know where the files are stored, but cannot view them as they are being used. I do not want to edit them and know not to, I just want to see if AVG altered the Msgina.dll key, which would explain why my PC is now crashing.

I also would like to know how Dr. Watson and regedit can be used: regedit not to actually edit anything, but to be used as a way to view what I currently have.

Ultimately, I guess I can also restart to the last known good config, which is only a few days ago. I know how to do that.

Thanks for any help you can give.


In going through the Task Manager info there was no Firefox activity showing in the 'Processes' section. The 4 tabs that I have are Applications - Processes - Performance - Networking

I did see a few that I was wondering if I really need which were:


Following your 'Control Panel' instructions I found that the 'Show hidden files and folders' button was already checked.

Still unable to start Profile Manager.

System still not running right at all and hasn't changed even after cleaning Malware. I can access some websites via I/E and Google but performance is very poor with some websites freezing, trouble with redirects within websites, websites showing up fragmented, trouble closing down websites, often have to close websites after getting 'program not responding' message and clicking 'end now'.   


 Thanks for the helpful  information. It is desirable to get the Profile Manager located so:-
           Check that Firefox is not already running in Task Manager.
  • Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete to open Task Manager.
  • Open Services at the top, Select Firefox (If present)
  • Click on End Process
  • Click Yes if a "Task Manager Warning" appears
  • Repeat above steps to end any additional firefox.exe processes that may be present.
  • Exit Task Manager.


    Check that files are not hidden

  • Open Folder Options in Control Panel.
  • Click Start, and then click Control Panel
  • Click Appearance and Themes, and then click Folder Options.
  • On the View tab, under Hidden files and folders, click Show hidden files and folders.

Now go back  HERE & try to start the Profile Manager.

Please let me know what success you have.

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