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Yes to disconnect the Hard drive, do not format yet.... That can be scanned later for infection. Continue with the online scan...


Social Media Privacy and Security / The End of Privacy
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The end of privacy – "If you’ve got nothing to hide, you’ve got nothing to live for"

When criminals, businesses, and governments monitor you, what does privacy mean anymore?
Edward Snowden, Marc Goodman and Vint Cerf on privacy in a digital age.
Hi Kevin

I ran the online scanner yesterday but overlooked the complication of my eternal hard disk's automatic daily backup (GFI free) which stalled the scan 75% of the way through.

I reckon the simplest step here is to format the external drive - which is obviously infected too - and disconnect it while I sort out the infection son the C: drive.

And then run the online scanner again.

What do you think?
Go here: Register, open a thread under this section:

Windows 8 Management & Support

Explain your issue, also give link to your thread here at SpywareHammer so those guys can see what we did....

Let me know the outcome....


I understand at this point it may not be considered Malware but it is something Malware left behind that I need fixed. If I do not get this fixed I am gonna need $1400 to replace my laptop which is very hard to pull out of the air when you're under 18. Honestly the forum you directed me to hasn't really had activity in a year. Please if you have any other help at all I could really use it. Is there a place I can take it? is there something I can buy or replace to help? Is there at least somewhere that will accept what I currently have for a decent price?
Your version of Windows is currently 8 not 8.1, you are correct regarding security, Although DDS does show McAfee as active security system, FRST log shows Windows defender, I assume the uninstall of McAfee happened after you ran DDS but prior to FRST.
We also tried your system in "Clean Boot" mode, that means all 3rd party services were disabled, only Windows System services were active. You reported no change in Memory usage...

All of the scans we`ve ran do not indicate the presence of Malware or Infection. We do not need to run process explorer, In reply #5 I asked you to get all listed services with memory usage, you list the logs in reply #6. There is nothing really outstanding in those logs, probably Chrome is the biggest listed user.

This is the Malware removal forum, as such I cannot really give you any further help. Probably better if you open a thread in Windows 8 section of Operating System Forum...

Personally I do not see 20% memory usage as suspicious or unexpected, I know my laptop with Windows 7 runs about 30%, my laptop with Windows 8.1 about 35% both run Kaspersky, Malwarebytes Premium, Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit and MCshield. Memory usage can spike higher depending on what i`m doing....

Thank you for your understanding,


As in terms of the memory nothing changed with the reset. I am almost positive I uninstalled the trial of Mcafee my pc came with (from control panel). Also reverting back to 8.1 will not make a difference, the refresh sent meback to 8 and I updated that to 8.1 and nothing changed, I can  try again if you think it will help. If you need them I could send you some info of some kind from a program called process explorer. I feel like we could get some better data out of it, I do not understand it but maybe you do.

Thank you!
Thanks for the update and log, is good news that no malware/infection is found. Run the following to clean up..

Download "Delfix by Xplode" and save it to your desktop.

Or use the following if first link is down:

"Delfix link mirror"

Double Click to start the program. If you are using Vista or higher, please right-click and choose run as administrator

Make Sure the following items are checked:

  • Remove disinfection tools
  • Reset system settings

Now click on "Run" and wait patiently until the tool has completed.

The tool will create a log when it has completed. We don't need you to post this.

Any remnant files/logs from tools we have used can be deleted…


Back to the memory issue, in your opening statement you mention using Norton, I can see you are now using McAfee. Also you`ve reverted back to Windows 8 from 8.1
Turn off or even better uninstall McAfee, revert back to Windows Defender, see if there is any difference in basic memory usage.
Also update back to Windows 8.1, see what happens after the update.

let me know if that makes any difference..



Nothing appeared on the scan, here is the log though
Thanks for the log, post other logs when ready. Also let me know if any remaining issues or concerns..


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