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Windows 10 / Windows 10 compatible security products
« Last post by joe53 on Today at 01:30:16 PM »
After a few weeks playing with Windows 10 (and after a rather steep navigating learning curve, given the jump from Win 7), I'm pleased that most of the security programs I'm familiar with work well in Win 10.


-Panda Free AV
-HitmanPro 3.7 (free 2nd opinion scanner)
-Secunia PSI 3.0 (free)
-MVPS HOSTS File, and HostsMan Updater (both free)
-Sandboxie (sandboxed browser - free)
-Zemana Antilogger Free
-MBAM Free
-WinPatrol Free
-SpywareBlaster v.5.4 (free)

I chose to stick with Win 10's free native software firewall, particularly since I'm behind a hardware firewall in my router. Steve Gibson's "ShieldsUP" at tells me I am stealthed. ( )

In fact, most mainstream Anti-viruses are now compatible with Win 10:

Although, strictly speaking, the following are not security products, I will mention them as both useful and compatible with Win 10 as well:
- Belarc Advisor (free)
- CCleaner (free)

The only security product I could not install was the browser extension Web of Trust (WOT). It is not supported by the Edge browser (which replaces IE 11). But then Edge allows no extensions. When I tried to download WOT for Firefox from the vendor, I kept getting WOT for Chrome, which I do not use, and will not allow on my systems.

Did I mention that all my Win 10 security is free? It's a bit of an experiment, I suppose, and as always, ymmv.


Because of ongoing problems with the Edge browser ("This page is having a problem loading", and clicking on links leading to a blank page) I activated IE 11 (searched my files for iexplore.exe, pinned it to my taskbar), and made it my default browser. I was able to install the WOT extension on IE 11, and now have a familiar and more user friendly browser. I'm not sure the Edge browser is ready for prime time yet. (A browser that does not browse is certainly secure, but has no utility.)
If Enigma gets away with this little cheat of theirs, I have an idea for future reviews. Publish reviews simultaneously from dozens or hundreds of sources. Can't take them all to court. Bleeping Computer can also provide evidence from other sites who have reviewed Spyhunter. I hope Enigma gets thrown out of court.
Current News / Re: What happens to your data when you die?
« Last post by Prince Serendip on Today at 12:00:44 PM »
I realize this topic is old but so am I. I'm officially retired from my regular job, living the hand-to-mouth existence of a pensioner. I've been thinking about this whole subject very seriously lately. Rather than start a new topic, I'd rather use this one. If any of you have ideas, please reply.

Edit: For my part, I've put together my important stuff and given it all to one of my sisters. I understand you can make arrangements with lawyers for something similar but sisters are cheaper.
Current News / Re: MVPs HOSTS File Just Fine for Windows Ten
« Last post by ky331 on Today at 05:37:12 AM »
The MVPS HOSTS file was recently updated [February-08-2016]


How To: Download and Extract the HOSTS file

HOSTS File - Frequently Asked Questions

Note: the "text" version makes a great resource for determining possible unwanted connections ...
Windows 10 / Re: Windows 10 Tips and Tricks
« Last post by joe53 on Today at 03:01:45 AM »
Much appreciated by thus new Win 10 user!
Windows 10 / Re: Win 10 advice needeed
« Last post by joe53 on Today at 02:59:07 AM »
Hi Maurice:

Sorry for the delayed reply. I ended up getting a 13 inch ultrabook (perfect size for travel) with a 2.7 gHz i7 Intel Core, and a 256 GB SSD, and 8 GB RAM. It's great! I have not worked out all the kinks associated with learning/navigating Win 10 (or the dodgy Edge browser) yet. And I'm just begining to appreciate the advantages of a touch screen - I've always used desktops before.

Thanks so much for your input!

Current News / Re: MVPs HOSTS File Just Fine for Windows Ten
« Last post by joe53 on Yesterday at 02:31:50 PM »

Just installed it on my new Win 10. After a few attempts, I was also able to install HostsMan, even though the download site does not say Win 10 supports HostsMan. As far as I can tell, it works just fine in updating MVPS Hosts File.
Current News / Microsoft launches new Windows 10 Security website
« Last post by Bugbatter on Yesterday at 08:40:17 AM »

Microsoft recently launched new Windows 10 Security platform to combat the latest virus and malware threats. On the Windows for Business website, Microsoft mentions all aspects related to the latest Windows 10 Security platform. In order to incorporate latest security parameters; Microsoft has made significant architectural changes. The software giant is certain that this time, the security measures will not only protect the customers, but also keep the latest and potential threats away.

Current News / SpyHunter anti-malware maker files lawsuit over bad review
« Last post by Bugbatter on February 06, 2016, 07:48:17 PM »
Instead of changing their ways, or fixing their product, Enigma Software turned to their lawyers

"...It's a common trick, or a clever use of wording, and Enigma Software isn't the only company that does it. Enigma Software offers a scanner, and tells consumers so up front.

However, because other vendors (Malwarebytes, Panda, Norton, Kaspersky, Avast, etc.) offer removal options alongside their scanners at no cost, most people would expect the same from SpyHunter.

But that isn't what you get, and Enigma Software admits as much in their complaint against Bleeping Computer..."

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