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all installed and complete

  Hello Mommyto3furballs,

Pleased to hear that the laptop is running well now.
I have included the link again(modified) for Windows 10 just in case you need it in the future:- HERE
It was a genuine pleasure to work with you.

Here is a selection of advice to reduce the risk of getting Malware again.

Make proper use of your antivirus and firewall

Antivirus and Firewall programs are integral to your computer security. However, just having them installed isn't enough. The definitions of these programs are frequently updated to detect the latest malware, if you don't keep up with these updates then you'll be vulnerable to infection. Many antivirus and firewall programs have automatic update features, make use of those if you can. If your program doesn't, then get in the habit of routinely performing manual updates, because it's important.

You should keep your antivirus and firewall guard enabled at all times, NEVER turn them off unless there's a specific reason to do so. Also, regularly performing a full system scan with your antivirus program is a good idea to make sure you're system remains clean. Once a week should be adequate. You can set the scan to run during a time when you don't plan to use the computer and just leave it to complete on its own. Don`t forget to keep Windows updated too.

Install and use WinPatrol This will inform you of any attempted unauthorized changes to your system.

WinPatrol features explained Here

You will have several programs installed, these maybe outdated and vulnerable to exploits also. To be certain, please run the free online scan by Secunia, available Here   Before clicking the Start scan  button, please check the box for the option Enable thorough system inspection. Just below the "Scan Options:" section, you'll see the status of what's currently processing....
...when the scan completes, the message "Detection completed successfully" will appear in the Programs/Result section. For each problem detected, Secunia will offer a "Solution" option. Please follow those instructions to download updated versions of the programs as recommended by Secunia.

Use a safer web browser

Internet Explorer is not the most secure tool for browsing the web. It has been known to be very susceptible to infection, and there are a few good free alternatives:

Opera, and


All of these are excellent faster, safer, more powerful and functional free alternatives to Internet Explorer. It's definitely worth the short period of adjustment to start using one of these. If you wish to continue using Internet Explorer, it would be a good idea to follow the tutorial HERE which will help you to make IE MUCH safer.

These browser add-ons will help to make your browser safer:

Web of Trust warns you about risky websites that try to scam visitors, deliver malware or send spam.
 WOT's color-coded icons show you ratings for 21 million websites, helping you avoid the dangerous ones:

Available for Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Green to go,
Yellow for caution, and
Red to stop.

Available for Firefox only. NoScript helps to block malicious scripts and in general gives you much better control over what types of things webpages can do to your computer while you're browsing.

Here a couple of links by two security experts that will give some excellent tips and advice.

So how did I get infected in the first place by Tony Klein
How to prevent Malware by Miekiemoes

Don`t forget, the best form of defense is common sense. If you don`t recognize it, don`t open it. If something looks to good to be true, then it isn`t.


Post Here for Malware Removal ... / Re: [In Progress] Still Slow After Cleaning
« Last post by PLATYPUSS on November 25, 2015, 03:52:06 AM »

    Hello Eureka888,

 You are getting no USB warning with the Seagate connected & it permits backup.
 Your computer does not recognise the WD external drive but the physical connection is suspect.
Are you still getting USB warnings when other devices are connected. If so, what are they please?
Can you tell me how your computer is behaving/running without an external harddrive connected ?

fully installed not a problem. i was just told in the past not to download drivers using the windows update feature because of the tenancy of them giving the wrong drivers. but computer running well and everything. all is good. not going to update to windows 10 at the moment. nothing else on my end. so you can close the thread now. thanks for everything platypuss and hoov

 Hello Blackzzz01,

Are you still with us ?
It has been a week since your last post.

This is a 48 hour status check. We need to continue our troubleshooting to make sure there are no more threats on your machine. If you don't have any free time please reply back to this thread and we will keep it open.

If you don't reply back within 24 hours, this thread may be closed for inactivity.

  Hello Mommyto3furballs

the little icon is showing up at the bottom. all the windows updates for 8.1 are complete except for a couple related to wireless button driver and wlan wifi adaptor. i'm scared to download them from windows.

I assume that you do have WiFi. If you are in any doubt concerning those updates I suggest that you create a new System Restore point first.

 Sometimes Windows update(s) fail initially but will install normally when attempted again but before you do that run CCleaner as detailed in reply 23 above.

It has been found that it can be necessary to reboot 3 times to permit an update to fully install.

If, when you have attempted to download them again & they still fail. Go HERE & follow their advice.

Let me know how it goes please.

Current News / LastPass flaws revealed, other password managers also vulnerable
« Last post by Bugbatter on November 23, 2015, 08:13:57 PM »
Password managers are intended to make life easier and safer for consumers, but researchers from Salesforce have discovered a way to crack LastPass and this could mean other similar services are also vulnerable.

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