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Please read this before downloading anything
« on: June 19, 2011, 07:12:29 AM »
A word of caution before downloading any software
In recent years, quite a long list of vendors...and Yes, many of these are security vendors, have partnered with "" in providing the "Ask Toolbar" bundled with their download(s).

Additionally, it's not uncommon to see several of the other Toolbar's bundled with downloaded software these days. Among them are Ask, Yahoo, Google, and MSN just to name a few of the more common option(s)...and none of these are required.

One must pay close attention during the installation of downloaded software, and decline any optional program bundled with it (them) during the installation process, if you choose not to use any of them.

Although the "Ask" toolbar is considered to be a Legitimate program, it is nonetheless questionable as to it's behavior.

It is alleged to be spyware/adware as the behavior of this application tracks a user's history and sends "search" information to it's servers without your permission, in order to provide a user with specific targeted search results based upon the particular user's surf history/habits.

Many of these results may also be for questionable web sites. In fairness, one should keep in mind, google does the same thing regarding search results.

This tracking behavior of the "Ask Toolbar" is considered by many of us in the security field, to be offensive.

Some of the "Download links" that are provided here, may also contain this program bundled with it. For that matter, any of these links may contain other programs bundled with their download..."Ask" or not, any other program offered in bundled downloads should offer the option to decline. As any of these vendors could change the "offered" software at any time, it is highly recommended to stay alert during the installation of ANY downloaded program.

If you should find that a download DOES contain some additional program or options with it, and you choose not to use one or more of them, then you need to pay close attention to the process during the installation to ensure that any optional software is declined...the bundled software which contains the "Ask Toolbar" will always contain an "Opt Out" measure via some checkbox during the installation...and that information comes directly from the "Ask" web site.

The user can check (or uncheck) this option box to prevent or allow the download and installation of the "Ask Toolbar".

If a user isn't cautious and may have mistakenly installed this program, it can easily be removed via the "Uninstall" string provided with the software. Detailed instructions how to remove the program can be found Here.

If you find that any of the software listed here, also bundles with it some other software...and you find no option to decline, please feel free to send one of the SpywareHammer staff members a private message with detailed information so we can investigate the possibility of removing the item from our listing. Thanks!

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