Author Topic: Firefox to Introduce Click-to-Play Option to Protect Against Dangerous Plugins  (Read 639 times)

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Jared Wein of Mozilla blogged last month about a new feature he was developing for Firefox 14 called "click-to-play". The idea is to block the default loading of plugins like Java and Flash when surfing to reduce the memory footprint and provide protection against exploitation of plugin vulnerabilities.

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Kinda late for FF, since the plug-in "NoScript" does this...and has done it for quite a while now. Sounds to me like FF adopted the "NoScript" idea to write as part of the browser itself. I think the authors of "NoScript" should at least be recognized if not credited.
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Better late than never. How long did it take IE to start multi tabbed browsing after it was being used in other browsers?  Most people with idea's never get thanked for them unless they were patented or copywrited to begin with.

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