Author Topic: HP Warns Consumers Not To Run Windows 7 On PCs Designed For Windows 8  (Read 445 times)

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Hewlett-Packard is telling [individual] consumers not to put Windows 7 on a new Windows 8 PC.
If they do, HP could refuse them technical support beyond fixing broken hardware... The warning appears on HP's Windows 8 support page.

[This does not apply to enterprise/business/corporate users.]

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Re: HP Warns Consumers Not To Run Windows 7 On PCs Designed For Windows 8
« Reply #1 on: November 09, 2012, 08:24:08 AM »
I haven't read the article yet but I may need to find time to do so. It makes me wonder why...and whether or not this applies in reverse as well. I mean, would HP be bothered if one of their customers upgraded an older (Windows 7) HP PC to Windows 8. Would they refuse tech support in that case too? Since Microsoft builds their systems with backward compatibility, why would HP be averse to it? Can anyone think of a reason?

I've already run Windows 8 alongside Windows 7, Vista...and then again, alongside Windows 7 and Linux. I did this on my old Dell machine that came pre-packed with Windows Vista. No problems at all either.

No problems that is, except for the fact that Windows 8 is useless on a desktop. If HP is selling desktop models with Windows 8, and won't provide support for consumers who can't get along well with Windows 8, then I would bet they should expect those units to be returned for a refund.

HP seems to be saying that running Windows 7 on one of their new machines that came with Windows 8 would negate their support agreement...and I would think that any user who is savvy enough to nuke out an old system and install something else would more than likely not need any assistance from HP.
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