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Side Effects of Liking the World
« on: July 28, 2010, 12:46:12 PM »
Reputation Misrepresentation, Trail Paranoia and other side effects of Liking the World

This blog discusses five "issues" with the Like button, followed by four "solutions" to these issues.
 Since this is a slightly long post, here's an outline:

Big Deal! -- Is this really important?
Issues with the Like Button
Reputation Misrepresentation -- How Facebook users will be more prone to being cheated on the Internet
Browse Trail Inference -- Did you know Facebook is tracking your browsing history?
Newsfeed Spam -- I'm in your feeds, spamming your friends
"Likejacking" -- Forcing you to like me
Like Switching-- Bait and Switch
Facebook's approach
Secure Likes
A Browser-based approach
My current solution

Complete article with details - worth reading!

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