An editorial

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An editorial
« on: May 11, 2011, 08:07:52 AM »
The article Here... puts forth an interesting dilema. It's illegal to collect information on the internet about a child's particular usage of ANY internet service.

Facebook on the other hand, collects information about it's user's...and of course, untold numbers among those millions of users are in fact children. Regardless of the fact that the children have lied about their age, and regardless of the obvious fact that mom and dad are not supervising them on the internet, the FACEBOOK software allows them to register and use their service, which is why this law is in place...for their protection.

Now...since it is obvious the children's parents seem oblivious to the need for their children's protection on the internet, and since FACEBOOK also seems unconcerned, who then should be charged with their care?

It does seem obvious in this type of situation that the "village" should be on guard...but as I see it, all the members of that village are asleep as their children meander closer and closer to the water's edge where the alligators all are patiently waiting to fill their appetite.

If my suspicions are accurate, the numbers of dollars that FACEBOOK dangles under the nose of "sponsors", it will continue it's operation as it has.

tsk tsk tsk...there just doesn't seem to be a value that I can calculate to equal even one life, not to mention...millions. Good God, doesn't anyone care about children anymore?

Ask any parent who lost their precious child to ANY beast of prey, and try to put their shoes on YOUR feet...I bet then, things would change. They should...if they would not, then perhaps it would be better for them if they had no children at all.

Facebook, and others like it, is a valued service providing an excellent means by which friends, both old and new...and families separated by miles, can keep in touch and up to the minute regarding news, events, and...well, even gossip.

There are wonderful stories that have come about, regarding the reunion of old friends and such as the like, but we need to be on guard and aware of the fact that tragic stories of events to come are also lurking. Nothing new or different about that really, as this just seems to be a fact of life in today's world, whether it be cyber or real. Fact is, on the day that such an evil story should unfold, I'm quite certain that it would spread like wild fire, and FACEBOOK (and others like it) would be just one of the many mediums used to help spread such a story.

These social web sites have their usefulness. Well don't they? It's an unpleasant thought certainly, but along with their intended purpose for the masses, we must never forget there are those lower life forms out there who find a different "usefulness" and purpose to intentionally target children.

Please...people...please...don't allow your attitude to sink to the level of the aloof. The next "child" victim isn't just somebody else's child. There is the very real chance, the next child victim could be your child.

So...with that in mind, spend your time wisely while using these services and be alert to anything that might cause alarm for you regarding your own children. If you can do this...then it just might help someone else to avoid a tragic end to their day.
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Re: An editorial
« Reply #1 on: May 11, 2011, 11:08:40 AM »
While I agree with your points, I am a pessimist.  The people who need to read this article, and all the information that are connected to this topic, are exactly the people who will not read this. Until this kind of thing is covered on all the news channels and everyplace where adults get their news, and covered in such a way as to actually hit home, kids will keep doing things that put them at risk.

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