Millions Have Not Reviewed Facebook Privacy Settings: Here’s How

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Here are two staggering Facebook privacy statistics: Nearly 13 million US Facebook users have never set, or don’t know about, Facebook’s privacy tools, and only 37 percent have used Facebook's privacy tools to customize how much information is shared with third parties. That's according to a Consumer Reports survey released earlier this month. Given that there are now over 900 million Facebook users, more than the population of most countries, and given the broad sharing that is Facebook's default privacy setting, those stats strongly suggest a lot of people have some online privacy catching up to do.

A few months ago we highlighted Facebook security settings and how to enable various protections. In this post, we delve more into granular control of your data privacy. By ratcheting down your privacy settings, you can have more control over who can get to your data, helping to keep your social networking experience positive, and potentially preventing problems before they occur.


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