Facebook, Twitter users beware: Crooks are a mouse click away

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Facebook, Twitter users beware: Crooks are a mouse click away
« on: October 20, 2009, 02:20:15 AM »
If you're on Facebook, Twitter or any other social networking site, you could be the next victim.
 That's because more cyberthieves are targeting increasingly popular social networking sites that provide a gold mine of personal information, according to the FBI. Since 2006, nearly 3,200 account hijacking cases have been reported to the Internet Crime Complaint Center, a partnership between the FBI, the National White Collar Crime Center and the Bureau of Justice Assistance

How to protect yourself against scams:
- Change your passwords frequently
- Adjust Web site privacy settings
- Be selective when adding friends
- Limit access to your profile to contacts you trust
- Disable options such as photo sharing
- Be careful what you click on
- Familiarize yourself with the security and privacy settings
- Learn how to report a compromised account
- Use security software that updates automatically

(Information provided by FBI and Internet security experts)

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