How Facebook Builds “Shadow Profiles” Of Its Users

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How Facebook Builds “Shadow Profiles” Of Its Users
« on: November 10, 2017, 11:47:09 AM »
...When most users join Facebook, they give the site permission to access all of their contacts. And if Facebook has your contact information, it can match you with anyone else who has it, or even with people who know your connection. That makes the network of possible “people you may know” pretty darn big. Indeed, some security experts say a mobile phone number is an easier way to identify someone than even their social security number.

Unfortunately, if you don’t want Facebook having this info about you, there’s no good way to cut off the site’s access — except asking every one of your contacts to delete you from Facebook’s contacts management page. And that’s obviously unrealistic. So while Facebook still won’t officially confirm what makes “People You May Know” tick, it seems like the answer is becoming at least a little clearer.

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