“Social Intelligence” gets FTC approval 2 archive Facebook posts 4 Job Screening

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"A Job Screening Agency called ‘Social Intelligence’ has just been given permission by the Federal Trade Commission to archive and store all our posts on Facebook. This data will be used for background-screening when we apply for jobs".

Full article:   http://facecrooks.com/blog/internet-safety-a-privacy/item/1366-%E2%80%9Csocial-intelligence%E2%80%9D-receives-ftc-approval-to-archive-facebook-posts-for-job-screening-purposes

"Big Brother is watching you"... still


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I can see how this might be of interest to "the man from Uncle", but Uncle Sam needs to get a life and get serious lol...

Sorry for the man from uncle reference. The youngster's here might not get it.

Anyway, since most postings on fb are more than likely from kids, this could very well be the critical detail one might need before deciding yes or no regarding their application for employment with say...Jack-in-the-Box, but I would argue the value of it for folks applying for employment with NASA. I would bet NASA would look elsewhere during a background check...at least I would most certainly hope so.

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