Review: Firefox vs Pale Moon

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Review: Firefox vs Pale Moon
« on: April 30, 2016, 12:49:41 PM »
Firefox vs Pale Moon browser – Which one is better?

Updated – April 30, 2016:
"We thought of going back and checking how the Pale Moon browser still compares to Firefox, especially as the first comparison was done a while back.

Though initially built upon Firefox code, the Pale Moon browser does not need Firefox anymore. It can provide its own updates as any mainstream browser does. The base code of Pale Moon has shifted from that of Firefox to a significant extent. While that makes Pale Moon browser free of Firefox and brings it into the category of mainstream browsers, it still needs some work – on extensions.

It is good at speed, no doubt. It is, in fact, faster than Firefox on my 1.6GHz computer. But I am not yet ready to replace Firefox with Pale Moon browser. It is a bit pale now, faded actually than when we compared to when we first reviewed the browser. The reason is pretty simple. In its attempt to become a standalone browser, which is a good thing, it seems Pale Moon has dropped support for most of the Firefox extensions. The individual plugin, etc, developers too seem to have not yet taken Pale Moon seriously. The lack of extensions makes it a bit weak as compared to Firefox.

As mentioned earlier, speed is good – probably because there are lesser extensions. But without the required extensions, I won’t make it my default browsers. At the least, I’d need my password manager, so that I can log into sites. I also need the download manager integration and my current Free Download Manager won’t support Pale Moon yet.

Things have not changed much since we first reviewed Pale Moon in comparison with Firefox. Just that some users like me who depend on extensions for their work may not find Pale Moon good enough. But since users love speed, it would be an obvious choice for streaming video and music. I did not check online games on it as I don’t play any. If you any of you have any experience there, please add it to the comments."


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