Win XP 32 Upgrade to Win 7 32

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Win XP 32 Upgrade to Win 7 32
« on: August 04, 2018, 12:52:16 PM »
Hello all. I have an ancient PC that runs Win XP HE, and despite the fact that it is old it still runs like a champ. I upgraded RAM to 2GB and the HD to 500 GB, and still have over 300+ GB available space on it. Of course, no one supports XP anymore, so now I have no internet support.

I thought my PC was done for because of it being 32-bit, and everything is now 64-bit. But I saw where you could upgrade to Windows 7, and that it comes with both 32 and 64 versions. I also have a not-so-old laptop with Vista 32 on it, and web browsers also have ended support for it.

Reading up on what my options are, I saw where Windows 7 32 will upgrade my Vista laptop with no loss of data/settings, but an upgrade to Win 7 64 - while possible - would be a clean install which would wipe my laptop. So both options are available for my Vista machine. But for my XP one, even upgrading to Win 7 32 would require a wipe, and the 64 isn't an option. Are these true, or are my PCs ready for the recycle heap?

You guys helped me in the past with installing my 500 GB HD into the desktop which I appreciated - it's still working fine except for it's obsolescence, so I wanted to hear your input on an old issue that's new for me. Thanks for any help you can give.