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Are you concerned about the security and privacy of your digital life? Do you want to keep tabs on your computer activities or those of your children and employees? Look no further than SpywareHammer, your one-stop destination for all things related to spyware, monitoring software, and digital security.

Employee Monitoring Software

Are you an employer looking to boost productivity and ensure your company’s sensitive data remains secure? Our in-depth articles and reviews on employee monitoring software will help you make informed choices and strike the right balance between monitoring and employee privacy.

Backlink Monitoring Software

Backlink monitoring software provides automated tracking of inbound links pointing to a website. Key features allow users to get alerts when new links are found, get notified if existing links break or disappear, analyze backlink data like anchor text and referring domains over time, and generate custom reports. Top tools in this category include Ahrefs, Moz, Majestic, SEMrush, and dedicated platforms like Linkody. The software gives visibility into both link building efforts and potential threats, helping to identify new link building opportunities and maintain existing relationships. For SEOs and site owners, backlink monitoring is invaluable for managing search performance.


Computer Spy Software

Uncover the world of computer spy software, where you can gain a deeper understanding of how these tools work, their legal implications, and the best practices for using them responsibly.

Parental Control Software

For concerned parents, SpywareHammer provides invaluable insights into parental control software. Learn how to protect your children online, set boundaries, and ensure a safe digital environment for your family.

UAC Windows

Stay updated on the latest User Account Control (UAC) features and settings for Windows. We’ll guide you through UAC best practices to enhance your computer’s security while preserving user convenience.

Spy Apps

Explore the realm of spy apps, from their ethical usage to their potential risks and benefits. SpywareHammer will keep you informed about the evolving landscape of mobile surveillance.


Understand the ins and outs of keyloggers – powerful tools that can be used for both good and malicious purposes. Learn how to protect yourself from keylogger threats and make informed decisions about their usage.

SMS Trackers

Stay in the know about SMS trackers and their applications. Whether it’s for personal security or monitoring loved ones, our guides will help you navigate this technology responsibly.

iPhone Spy Apps

If you’re an iOS user, SpywareHammer offers comprehensive reviews and recommendations for iPhone spy apps. Discover the best solutions for keeping tabs on your Apple devices.

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